8 Years and Counting…

June 25, 2022 Dungeon Master 436 No Comments

Let’s travel back in time to June 21st, 2014. Geek & Sundry and Nerdist passed on the project. Other streaming companies (who have long since passed into obscurity) wanted complete control with zero liability. So I decided to launch my own channel along with friends. We didn’t know exactly where it would take us or what it meant, but boy am I proud of how far we’ve come.

In the last 8 years we’ve played over 84 game systems (>84!!) and raised over $70,000 for charities. We’ve seen many streaming personalities come and go. We’ve seen the rise of Critical Role and the fall of Satine Phoenix. We’ve seen D&D grow into a cultural behemoth far greater than we could’ve ever imagined, along with a thriving, massive, and growing collection of fantastic indie RPGs.

We’ve seen the cult of personality first-hand. Dealt with trauma and drama both in front of and behind the cameras. Managed to stay afloat via a global pandemic, a recession, cast moves and more.

We’ve been ground zero for some peoples’ careers in the RPG industry, and some we just nurtured along the way. We’ve always been that channel where “I know you’ve heard of it, but I can’t say I’ve ever watched or listened.” 

We had big plans in 2020. But life sometimes deals crushing results to even the best laid plans. But through it all we’ve persevered and continued. Slowly growing. Just ever so slightly ascending and advancing. Almost imperceptibly at times. But it keeps happening.

I want to say thank you. From the Kickstarter backers who got us to that very first stream on June 21st, 2014 to the Ko-fi backers who keep us operating today. From the cast and friends who helped launch this project and who continue to support it in one way or another. To all of you who have watched and contribute – whether it be in chat, a YouTube comment, through a Ko-fi tip, a follow, or otherwise. YOU are why we continue to move forward.

Thank you for sticking with us. Happy Anniversary and we hope you’re enjoying the ride. Now…LET’S DUNGEON!

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